Automated Testing Improves Software Quality While Shortening Release Cycles.

Modern automated testing has the ability to transform an IT department while driving efficiencies throughout the organization.

Automate newly developed user stories quickly.

Modern automated testing technologies allow a 50-75% quicker implementation time compared to traditional methods.

Test Resiliency

Automated tests are historically fragile and prone to flakiness. Tests should not break because an element changes or moves position on a page. Modern automation tools can account for this.


The more applications organizations adopt, the more integrations necessary into third party applications. Leverage tools and organizations who have experience building these integrations.

Continuous Integration

Integrate automated testing into your continuous integration process quickly providing feedback for developers.

Create Organizational Efficiencies

Automated tests are written against applications for a reason. If they are highly used within the organization package these tests up and distribute them as packages to improve desktop efficiencies across the organization.