Digital Assistants are Built to Collaborate With Human Workers While Optimizing Their Day

Digital Assistants are a key to transforming organizations. They work hand in hand with employees; working the tasks humans do not want to complete. Assistants can be assigned tasks, retrieve data, and improve overall desktop navigation.

Digital Assistants are available 24/7 to perform tasks and assist employees on demand.
Employees can focus on their work that matters, instead of becoming sidetracked with random tasks throughout the day.
Data Aggregation
Organizations have data spread out across many applications. Allow Digital Assistants to gather that info on request and present data in a user friendly way.
Digital Assistants should collaborate with employees and other digital assistants. This creates a highly connected enterprise capable of streamlining business processes.

Create a Highly Connected, Intelligent Enterprise

Once deployed in the organization Digital Assistants across departments can collaborate together.

A common cross department process is Onboarding.
Let's see how digital assistants will handle this process.

Human Resources Digital Assistant

Human Resource employee submits a task to their Digital Assistant that takes the name of the employee.

- Assistant sets them up in their HR Platform.
- Assistant reaches out for missing information.
- Assistant creates more tasks to be worked.

Information Technology Digital Assistant

- Assistant creates Office 365 account.
- Assistant creates AD account and assigns proper   groups based off title.
- Assistant adds user to proper software applications

Payroll Assistant

- Assistant ensures tax selections have been made.
- Assistant validates direct deposit information.
- Assistant reaches out to new employee and HR if    any errors occur.

Help Desk

- A Digital Assistant is placed on the employees new   computer.
- Digital Assistant will download and install programs   based on current AD groups and job title.
- Digital Assistant will perform any custom setup or    settings adjustments.


- Digital Assistant prepares the team the new   employee is joining for onboarding tasks.
- Digital Assistant will guide the new hire through    different programs and processes on their local    computer. Similar to when you visit some websites    for the first time.