Call Center Automation Has the Ability to Reduce Call Quantity and Improve Customer Satisfaction While Decreasing Average Call Time.

Call Centers are often filled with highly manual, repetitive tasks involving multiple applications or windows. Intelligent Automation can be applied to a call center in several ways including providing self service digital solutions to your customers, or building digital assistants for your call center staff.

Reduce Call Volume
Provide digital solutions to your customer base that allows users to resolve issues themselves, thus avoiding a call to the help desk.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Customers will spend less time on the phone, or be able to solve their issues themselves.
Increase Morale
A Call Center is filled with manual repetitive tasks. Allow employees to focus on the true problems instead of mindless busy work.
Desktop Efficiencies
Use automation to improve the desktop efficiency of call center agents. This allows them to solve issues quickly while providing a great customer experience.

1. Self Service Solutions

Build chatbots, portals, or digital assistants that allow your customer base to solve issues prior to calling in. These channels can interact with internal systems similar to how a help desk agent would, providing a solution to a customer without the cost of a phone call.

2. Digital Assistants

Deploy digital assistants to the desktops of your call center agents that are focused on improving desktop efficiencies. Allow automation to quickly and accurately navigate applications, while focusing on the customer experience.

Often call center agents need to pull information from multiple systems to accurately help the caller. Digital Assistants have the ability to quickly aggregate data from multiple sources and display this data to an agent, eliminating the need for the agent to navigate and manage multiple applications.