Information Technology Departments are Overwhelmed With Requests and Activities That Should be Automated.

Free up valuable resources to work on meaningful projects and activities while your robotic workforce ensures your IT processes are completed quickly and accurately.

Onboarding & Offboarding
Improve and standardize the onboarding and offboard process for employees. Ensure every employee has a smooth first week by using Intelligent Automation to configure employees prior to their start date.
IT Ticket Resolution
Help Desk Tickets are one of the most time consuming activities in IT. Process Automation is a perfect technology to handle many use cases in IT such as adding a user to an AD group, provisioning an email account, or adding a user to an external system.
Password Resets
Individually one of the highest drivers of support tickets is performing a password reset. Easily create an Intelligent Automation to handle these requests and fulfill them swiftly.

Phone System Management
Managing and rotating call center phone numbers can be a time consuming; cumbersome process. Let automation manage your phone numbers so they adhere to modern spam rules and regulations.

Integrate with services such as Active Directory, Azure, AWS, Google, Microsoft, VM Ware, and Citrix to fully automate your repetitive IT tasks.