Restaurant Operations are Filled With Archaic Manual Processes due to Technology Limitations and Vendor Lock In.

Applying Intelligent Automation to restaurant operations, processes, and technology is a true game changer that will allow a company to further separate itself from their competition.

Restaurant Opening and Closing
Opening and Closing Restaurants can be a painstakingly long manual process. Allow automation to work together with employees to optimize the opening and closing of restaurants.
Intelligent Restaurant Management
Layer a "Brain" on top of your current restaurant management process. Invoice processing, inventory management, scheduling, reporting, pest management, food safety and restaurant configuration are just a few areas we view as prime candidates for Hyperautomation.
Software Deployments
Deploying software updates and configuration changes to restaurants can be challenging. Hyperautomation can manage these deployments, while also performing validation to ensure the updates and changes have succeeded.
It is very common that Point of Sale devices run into issues either during the day or overnight before the restaurant opens. Allow Hyperautomation to ingest these errors and take action on them ensuring your entire fleet of restaurants are always up and running properly.

The Amount of Manual Processes Within the Restaurant Industry is Staggering.

Modernize and optimize existing systems and processes by utilizing Intelligent Automation.